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Welcome and thank you for considering our honey to sweeten your life! Produced from locations throughout Southeast Texas across Galveston, Harris and Leon counties, Souders Honey is the product of tens of thousands of our bees visiting millions of flowers and other sources of nectar and pollen.

About Our Honey

  • We harvest and sell 100% PURE unadulterated honey, straight from the hive and  do not flavor or infuse our honey with added ingredients to change and enhance the taste.
  • Our honey is RAW, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. Collected straight from our extraction systems all honey production and storage is at or below natural hive temperatures (~35° Celsius or 95° Fahrenheit). Raw honey never spoils but may eventually granulate or crystallize. You can restore it to its liquid state by placing the jar in a pan of hot (not boiling) water, but never in a microwave oven.
  • Our honey is UNFILTERED retaining all amino acids, minerals, natural enzymes, pollens, vitamins, etc. A course strain is utilized to catch bee parts, wax, and other visible contaminates resulting from the extraction process.
  • Our honey is LOCAL being marketed to the same eco-regions, and containing the same pollens as local flowers, plants and trees to where our honey is being produced. Please see the Real Texas Honey™ Locator Map to find our local honey in your area.
  • Our honey is KOSHER certified through Whole Kosher Services.
  • All honey is FAT FREE, trans fat free and cholesterol free. Honey also contains a variety of flavonoids and phenolic acids which act as antioxidants, scavenging and eliminating free radicals.
  • No gluten containing products are handled in our production processes and while honey is naturally free of gluten and does not contain barley, rye, triticale, wheat or any of their by-products, we cannot claim our honey is gluten free. For hyper sensitive coeliacs trace amounts of gluten could be introduced into a hive by foraging bees and the wind.
  • Our honey is not organic. We cannot claim our honey is organic because though honey can be certified by the US government and independent certifying agencies in the US using National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) recommendations, there are no regulations to define organic honey that have been accepted by the USDA.

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