Our Story

What am I doing? What is my purpose? These were the questions I was asking myself after twenty years of a career in Information Technology. Personal time mis-management, professional leadership responsibilities and spiritual stagnation were all contributors to modern life stresses and an unhealthy lifestyle. A transformation was needed.

Our Birth

The catalyst for change came unexpectedly on September 19, 2013 while looking over the valley of Jackson Hole towards the Teton Range in Wyoming.

I have always been drawn to the outdoors surrounded by the majesty of creation and it is in that realm where I feel the most grounded. Life’s journey however, with its opportunities and challenges, had taken me in opposite directions and I had forgotten the importance of taking time for self.

A few months later, working to restore a healthy work life balance, an interest in beekeeping turned into a new found hobby.

In 2014 we purchased two packages of bees and established our first hives in the backyard of our Harris county residence in Cypress, Texas.

Our Launch

In 2015 an additional eight colonies were established on family acreage outside of Buffalo, Texas in Leon county.

The hobby evolved into the building of a small family business with responsibilities to the bees we keep, to the habitat we provide them, to the purity of the products they produce, to the communities we serve and of course, to ourselves and the reasons which led to this adventure!

We finished out 2015 with twelve colonies, some honey to dole out to family and friends, and a lot of excitement about future possibilities.

Souders Honey Company made its first public appearance and began direct sales of its honey in the fall of 2016 ending that year with seventeen hives and sold out honey inventories.

Our Growth

The spring of 2017 found us making our first hive splits and kicking off the year with thirty five colonies, high product demand, and business planning activities as we set our sights on the future.

This was a year of many lessons learned. Truly understanding what it means to manage your bees, deal with logistics, apply integrated pest management techniques, etc. It was a lot of work but also very rewarding from an educational perspective.

For 2018 we began our season with fifty colonies and have placed some of those hives across Galveston county in the cities of Alvin and Santa Fe, Texas.

“Growth” can be defined as “progressing to maturity”. We invite you to catch the buzz, support the future of bees, and watch us grow!


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Owner / Operator: Scott Souders
Owner / Logistics & Sales: Georgia Souders

Phone: +1 (713) 367-1795
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST
Email: info@soudershoney.com
Web: soudershoney.com


Souders Honey Company
8524 Highway 6 N PMB 326
Houston, Texas 77095-4585


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    Pure • Raw • Unfiltered • Texas Honey

    Welcome and thank you for considering our honey to sweeten your life! Produced from locations throughout Southeast Texas across Galveston, Harris and Leon counties, Souders Honey is the product of tens of thousands of our bees visiting millions of flowers and other sources of nectar and pollen.

    About Our Honey

    • We harvest and sell 100% PURE unadulterated honey, straight from the hive and  do not flavor or infuse our honey with added ingredients to change and enhance the taste.
    • Our honey is RAW, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. Collected straight from our extraction systems all honey production and storage is at or below natural hive temperatures (~35° Celsius or 95° Fahrenheit). Raw honey never spoils but may eventually granulate or crystallize. You can restore it to its liquid state by placing the jar in a pan of hot (not boiling) water, but never in a microwave oven.
    • Our honey is UNFILTERED retaining all amino acids, minerals, natural enzymes, pollens, vitamins, etc. A course strain is utilized to catch bee parts, wax, and other visible contaminates resulting from the extraction process.
    • Our honey is LOCAL being marketed to the same eco-regions, and containing the same pollens as local flowers, plants and trees to where our honey is being produced. Please see the Real Texas Honey™ Locator Map to find our local honey in your area.
    • Our honey is KOSHER certified through Whole Kosher Services.
    • All honey is FAT FREE, trans fat free and cholesterol free. Honey also contains a variety of flavonoids and phenolic acids which act as antioxidants, scavenging and eliminating free radicals.
    • No gluten containing products are handled in our production processes and while honey is naturally free of gluten and does not contain barley, rye, triticale, wheat or any of their by-products, we cannot claim our honey is gluten free. For hyper sensitive coeliacs trace amounts of gluten could be introduced into a hive by foraging bees and the wind.
    • Our honey is not organic. We cannot claim our honey is organic because though honey can be certified by the US government and independent certifying agencies in the US using National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) recommendations, there are no regulations to define organic honey that have been accepted by the USDA.

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